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  • Address : O’Neil Road and Woods Street, Beaconsfield, Vic 3807

Bush Kinder program

We are very excited to offer a Bush Kinder program as part of two of our 4-year-old kinder programs. This program sees certain kindergarten groups spending one session per week during Terms 2 and 3 in a bush kinder setting.

Beaconsfield Kinder is one of the few kinders in the Casey and Cardinia area to offer a Bush Kinder program. The Bush Kinder program is held outdoors, allowing children to engage in a variety of activities in a natural setting not typically available in a traditional kinder setting.

As part of the Bush Kinder program, children visit various local locations which may include Wilson Botanic Park, Bob Burgess Reserve and Akoonah Park. Whatever the weather, children are encouraged to play, explore and learn in a bush or natural environment. Physical activity is encouraged, and the children and adults’ benefit from using only what nature has provided.

At Beaconsfield Kindergarten, we want to give children a chance to spend quality time in nature with passionate teachers to encourage them to explore and learn. Learning in nature invigorates the senses, stimulates the imagination and nourishes wellbeing. By exploring nature, building cubby houses, climbing trees, splashing in puddles and playing games, the children are learning with their whole bodies.

Children are provided with special outdoor weather gear to help them fully participate this the program. Please note, Bush Kinder forms part of the curriculum of only two groups of our 4-year-old program - currently Myrtle Group at O'Neil Rd and Wattle Group at Woods St. Please note places are limited.

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