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  • Opening Time : 8:30am to 4:30pm
  • Address : O’Neil Road and Woods Street, Beaconsfield, Vic 3807

Kinder Readiness Program

Due to the introduction of government funding for 3-year-old kinder, Beaconsfield Kindergarten is no longer able to offer a Kinder Readiness Program. 

For children born before 30 April, families should consider at what age they would like their child to start school prior to enrolling them in kindergarten. Please note that it is not possible to complete two years of 3-year-old kinder.

If you are undecided regarding whether your child is ready for a 4-year-old program, please read our ‘When to Start Kinder’  handout containing information on kinder readiness indicators, advantages of starting school later and some additional points to consider.

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