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Kinder Readiness Program

Beaconsfield Kindergarten offers a unique Kinder Readiness Program, which is different from our funded 4-year-old program. Kinder Readiness fills the ‘gap’ for children who may be too mature for a 3-year-old program but aren’t quite ready for 4-year-old kinder. It is an option for families who feel that socially and emotionally their child would benefit from another year to mature, and is available to children whose 4-year-old kindergarten year has been deferred.

The program is run by qualified educators and provides children with the opportunity to develop social skills and engage with peers of a similar age. Over 5 hours per week, broken into two 2.5-hour sessions, children develop a sense of connectedness and belonging in a group setting.

A child who has attended the Kinder Readiness program for 12 months will attend 4-year-old kindergarten in the year they turn 5 (the following year), and will start school in the year they turn 6.

We would encourage all parents with who have children who are eligible for the Kinder Readiness program to come to one of our Kinder Readiness information sessions. 

For more information on the Kinder Readiness program, please refer to our information booklet or contact us.

Is the Kinder Readiness Program right for my child?

Pre-school is an important year, one in which we want children to have the chance to develop their full potential. Through the twelve-month Kinder Readiness program, you give your child the opportunity to naturally develop their skills and abilities. This will assist your child throughout pre-school and help them build the maturity to deal with the expectations of school.

The Kinder Readiness program is an option for children turning 4 years old in the period from January to June of the year they would be attending the Kinder Readiness program. 

If you are undecided regarding whether your child is ready for a 4-year-old program or would benefit from the Kinder Readiness program, please read our ‘When to Start Kinder’   handout containing information on kinder readiness indicators, advantages of starting school later and some additional points to consider.

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