• Address : O’Neil Road and Woods Street, Beaconsfield, Vic 3807


Kindergarten is a special time for children and provides an opportunity to develop key life skills.

Children in our kindergarten benefit from developing and extending their communication skills, beginning to understand social studies and science, using technology, developing skills that assist with reading, writing and mathematics, building confidence, working cooperatively, learning to be creative and, most importantly, learning to be an engaged and effective learner – skills that are important in school, work and life.

Our kindergarten programs also support the ongoing development of social skills, including:
• showing respect and caring for others.
• learning to see beyond differences to similarities.
• developing and demonstrating self-control.
• identifying and expressing emotions appropriately.
• being increasingly independent and giving and seeking help from others.
• balancing his/her own needs, rights and responsibilities with those of others.
• resolving conflicts in peaceful and constructive ways.
• working with others and learning to appreciate that collaboration is a great way to get         things done.
• learning to apply these skills effectively.

At Beaconsfield Kindergarten we offer children and their families a rich and rewarding pre-school experience. We have multiple key programs to suit the pre-school education needs of your child.

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